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What is ActionCLUB?
The 12 Month Business Growth Program
Invest as little as £10 per day…..
Whether you’re a small or family-run business, a mature business needing a boost, start-up or sole trader, it’s up to YOU to take control of your business. Make the best investment in your future now by joining our Business Growth Program today, ActionCLUB and master all the elements to get your business from good to GREAT.
ActionCLUB is a 12 month business growth program that builds a strong foundation around ALL the key fundamentals of business. It is a set program of 24 group sessions that lead you through the key components of running a business. PLUS you’ll meet with the coach who will coach you through each session to help you implement the strategies you learn. Just to put that into context invest just 6 hours per month with a guaranteed 3 fold return on your investment.
How does that sound?
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During the Program What Will I Learn?
Vision Mastery
Learn how to set your goals by developing clarity on what you’re creating, why it’s important and how you’re going to accomplish it. This will include attending four 90 day planning sessions where you’ll start to see your vision come into focus.
Financial Mastery & Profit Mastery
Learn how to understand your numbers when you are not an accountant, what financial measurements to use and why reports are vital to your business. Start planning your financial future mastering cash flow, with a view to long term financial independence. Learn how to do more with less and identify the most profitable and valuable activities.
Performance Mastery
Learn how to identify and improve the critical key performance indicators for your business and hold others accountable for achieving them. Test and Measure to ensure every pound you invest in your business results in more pounds coming in!
Time Mastery
Learn how to use time to your advantage by setting the right priorities, focusing on outcomes and running your schedule instead of letting your schedule run you. Start to place a value ON your time and be goal orientated.
Marketing Mastery
Learn what sets you apart from your competitors and how to get the customers you want, and keep customers coming back time after time. We’ll teach to drive down client acquisition costs and drive up life time value. Learn why social media matters by expanding your exposure on-line relationships and how to effectively integrate social media into your business.
Sales Mastery
Learn how to sell effectively, how to improve your communications, what professional standards make a difference and how to handle objections. Understand the ladder of loyalty on route to creating raving fans who bring business to you.
Leadership & Team Mastery
Learn how to engage others in your vision and goals by becoming a great leader and exhibiting the characteristics that inspires others. Learn how to build the dream team you’ve always wanted, how to recruit great people, to empower your team and how to hold them accountable.
Systems Mastery
Learn how to leverage your business by creating systems that run your business to produce massive results. Understand the cycle of business and utilise systems to increase productivity and get more for less.
In Addition You’ll…..
…..Gain lots of additional learnings as you progress through this business growth program. Not only will you be held accountable by the coach there will also be group accountability. You’ll grow in confidence through 100% participation. You’ll also attend 4 GrowthCLUB Quarterly Planning Days, where you’ll create a step by step practical, relevant and tailor-made action plan for the next 90 days utilising your learnings from ActionCLUB.

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