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Business Coaching One to One
How I work with Business Owners
The detail of the alignment consultation and coaching programs listed below have helped hundreds of business owners achieve significant results in their businesses. Our One to One coaching programs force business owners to focus and devote the time necessary to achieve measurable results.
Getting Aligned.
The first step in coaching is reliant on a complete understanding of the needs of the business owners or owners in terms of both the business and their life. Our businesses are the means to living a completely fulfilled life. Ask yourself this question; does my business facilitate the balanced life I truly seek, have my achievements with the vision of my business when I started been reached? When we enter into a coaching relationship we first conduct the alignment to focus the needs of the business owner, the business and their life. In order to gain the commitment, drive and motivation we must first understand the purpose, vision and why.
‘We always aim to start with the end in mind’.
The Alignment Consultation or Alignment Training Day.
This is a must for anyone in business. It’s our chance to evaluate your business and personal life, and identify many different areas of untapped potential. This process is a vital first step in getting maximum value from your commitment to the coaching relationship and the motivation to achieve your goals. 
The Alignment Consultation starts with an in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal, the sales and marketing strategies you have used previously and what results were achieved. The Alignment Consultation is basically a road map for the future of your business. It will give you a complete list of strategies and ideas that you’re not currently using in your business, as well as identifying those you are using that could do with some improvements.  This is your ActionPLAN for your program.
The process of going through this alignment process ensures you, your life and/or business partners and your entire team are clear on your goals and objectives, before we change anything.  This is vitally important to clarify what each person is striving to achieve. 
Clarity is Power!
How it works…..
The first step to the Alignment Consultation is to fill out a short questionnaire. Our team will then arrange a suitable time to conduct the consultation. The Alignment Consultation takes between 4 and 6 hours for individuals and can be done face-to-face or over the phone.  We recommend that all decision makers are involved in this process, again, this includes business and life partners.
The Alignment Training Day is designed for those businesses with four or more team members and includes a full day of training, planning, goal setting and gaining congruence on the future of your business for all key members of your team.
The Coaching Programs
BRONZE – Building a Solid Base
This program building a solid foundation for growth and is designed for those small business owners or managers who know they want more out of their business but don’t know how to get it. It’s really for businesses, which have just started and don’t have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programs, or just need an injection of enthusiasm and guidance each month.
SILVER – Empower the Business
This program suits those business owners who really are committed to get their business ahead. The type of business that most benefits from this program is a business whose owner really wants their business to implement the strategies for improvement detailed in their ‘Alignment Consultation’ as quickly and effectively as possible.
GOLD – Grow Your Business
The ‘Grow Your Business’ program is designed for those businesses who are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 12 months and beyond. Your business is probably already going well but you may typically need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or open another outlet. You have some really good staff members in place but your business is struggling to reach it’s full potential. You are probably working way too many hours a week and the business would not be able to survive without your constant input.
PLATINUM – Making a Real Difference
Your ‘Making a Real Difference’ program is for those people who really want to kick their business along and achieve real goals for the year. Your business is probably already experiencing steady growth. You have some really solid groundwork in place and you and your Team might eventually make it happen anyway. You just know that working with me as your Personal and Business Coach would make a real difference to your lifestyle, the value and the position of your business in the marketplace. (This may be a prelude to your exit strategy!) 
This program is not for the faint hearted or the non-committed; it is for those business owners who are really willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. With the ‘Making a Real Difference’ program, your personal and your business goals are combined. You understand that introducing systems and performance standards are the key to achieving what you want from your business in the future. Yes, we work on all areas of your business, but as your Coach, there is more demand to really perform and not let you get away with all those old habits that have been holding you and your business back. You must be committed to change.
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